Applying the Video Game Model to Education

There was an article published in eSchool News about applying the video game model to the everyday classroom. I wish I had more of an opportunity to implement this type of curriculum in the districts I work in. The concept of gaming is one that has always existed in some sense in the classroom, whether it’s board games in primary school, or the primitive non-PowerPoint versions of Jeopardy that I played in high school. With that, so many educators that have utilized the concept of gaming in their classroom, when they associate the same concepts to the realm of video games, it’s been my experience that video games still have that negative stigma attached to it. that stigma, video games are mindless time wasters, and when they are highlighted in the national media,they are extremely violent or have inappropriate content. But what about all of the good things that happen with gaming?

There is a movement happening out there, and it’s a slow one at that especially in the confines of New York State, but gaming is education is coming. It’s one of those technologies that is 99% dedicated to the entertainment market, but slowly is finding it way into the classroom. When you look at the advent of controller-less gaming like the xbox kinect, or the educational MMORPG Quest Atlantis developed by Indiana University you see that is a huge potential for gaming in education.

But enough ranting, back to the matter at hand, the article highlighted above talks about three main concepts that a mainstream classroom can take away from the concept of gaming. They are:

  1. Mistakes as a Part of Mastery
  2. Immediate Feedback
  3. Manageable Goals

Now I’ll let you go through the article and post your thoughts below.

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